Winter Solstice Program '07

A Christmas Story, 2007

Every December, the library celebrates Winter Solstice. In 2007, for one of my first programs, I showed A Christmas Story. In the weeks preceding the event, I put trivia questions on display so that participants could enter to win a miniature leg lamp (not pictured). It was a great event, and I hope to do it again in the future.

If Olaya Street Could Talk '08

If Olaya Street Could Talk, 2008

This program hosted John Paul Jones, author of If Olaya Street Could Talk- Saudi Arabia: The Heartland of Oil and Islam. Mr. Jones worked and lived in Saudi Arabia over a period of a quarter century, from 1978-2003. While in the Kingdom, he traveled extensively throughout the country and developed friendships with Saudis at all sociological and political levels. He wrote this book to present a realistic portrait of the Saudi people. His presentation included a slideshow of the landscape and his cultural experiences.

Mr. Jones sent a very kind thank you letter a few weeks after the event.

Thank You Letter

Family Gaming Preview '08

Win a Brand New Wii

This was the first family gaming event I hosted at Farmington library. It involved a lot of planning and consulting with various library departments. The night proved a success, with an unexpected 600 attendees. We gave each family their own “Game Card” to encourage parents and children to play together at the various stations. If they played at least three stations together, they could enter to win a Wii. One poor child vomited at one of the stations, and I told his mother it would be great if they could win the Wii. And they did!

Chautauqua Artist Bill Martin '09

Harry Houdini, 2009

The New Mexico Humanities Council funds a Chautauqua program that allows talented community members to put on historical re-enactments and impersonations of significant historical figures. I contacted Bill Martin, an actor and magician who re-lived the life and times of Harry Houdini for a captivated audience. Attendees got to participate in the various escape stunts that Mr. Martin performed, including one involving a straight-jacket. During his act, Mr. Martin invited participants on stage to win $100 if they could defeat him with ropes, chains, handcuffs, locks, and even a straightjacket!

Family Gaming Night '10

Win $100 Gift Certificate

Because the first Family Gaming Night was such a success, we tried to give it another go, this time with a smaller budget. Snacks instead of pizza, a $100 gift card to Game Stop instead of a Wii. The event was still a tremendous success, and fun was had by all. Feel free to click on the pictures to get a closer look!



2010 Game Night Promo Video